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MASFAA serves financial aid professionals throughout the state of Mississippi.

The Mississippi Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators provides professional growth opportunities for its membership. Financial aid professionals from public and private two-year and four-year colleges and universities, as well as professionals from a variety of lending, software, guarantor, consulting groups, and government agencies benefit from membership in MASFAA. The most consistent thing about financial aid is the ever-changing regulations, organizational priorities, strategies and technology. By participating in conferences and training events, members stay up-to-date on these changes. Additionally, networking with professionals allows for the sharing of best practices.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Network with seasoned professionals
  • Gain knowledge and sound advice related to the profession
  • Affordable dues (only $35)
  • Opportunity for lifelong friendships
  • Up-to-date information about ever-changing profession
  • Exclusive content: MASFAA's ListServ, online membership directory, articles, training events/materials, etc.
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A Message from Terry Bland, MASFAA President 2022-2023

I am extremely honored to serve as your 2022-2023 MASFAA President. MASFAA is unlike any other professional organization. I know that times have changed as well as people’s desire to belong to groups such as ours. I cannot stress enough the importance of belonging to MASFAA. I have become lifelong friends with many of my colleagues who understand my daily grind in a financial aid office. Not many of my friends outside of work could say that. I urge you to get involved in MASFAA. I have not regretted one single minute of it. 

Read more of the message from our President in the Member Section under Volunteer.